Commit 838f37e4 authored by Leo Pound Singer's avatar Leo Pound Singer

bayestar_localize_coincs: add option to select PyCBC sample

Original: f135e0e1669f69dbae39ea27a5bcb2d675178520
parent 0854b939
......@@ -61,6 +61,8 @@ parser.add_argument('--keep-going', '-k', default=False, action='store_true',
parser.add_argument('input', metavar='INPUT.xml[.gz]', default='-', nargs='+',
help='Input LIGO-LW XML file [default: stdin] or PyCBC HDF5 files. If PyCBC files, must be bank file, coinc file, and trigger files, in that order.')
parser.add_argument('--pycbc-sample', default='foreground',
help='sample population [PyCBC only; default: %(default)s]')
parser.add_argument('--psd-files', nargs='*',
help='pycbc-style merged HDF5 PSD files')
parser.add_argument('--coinc-event-id', type=int, nargs='*',
......@@ -104,7 +106,8 @@ if os.path.splitext(opts.input[0].name)[1] in {'.hdf', '.hdf5', '.h5'}:
snr_dict = {}
coinc_and_sngl_inspirals = ligolw_bayestar.coinc_and_sngl_inspirals_for_hdf(*hdf5files)
coinc_and_sngl_inspirals = ligolw_bayestar.coinc_and_sngl_inspirals_for_hdf(
*hdf5files, sample=opts.pycbc_sample)
infile, = opts.input
xmldoc, _ = ligolw_utils.load_fileobj(
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