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Add comment about cache size

Original: fb499b27424c7d05f43c66771de41958b0318877
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......@@ -253,13 +253,12 @@ typedef struct {
* point in the data grid. This will speed up the cubic interpolant by 4x at
* the expense of increasing the memory footprint by 16x.
* On the other hand, this implementation fits in the L2 cache whereas the
* precomputed version would not.
* We can also decrease the amount of branching by checking for infinities when
* we precompute the matrices and we can reduce the number of conditionals
* needed for bounds checking.
* Profiling shows that the bicubic interpolant comprises about 50% of the run
* time of the algorithm, so these changes will speed up BAYESTAR by up to 2x
* by making these changes.
static double bicubic_interp_eval(const bicubic_interp *interp, double x, double y)
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