Commit 84c11d74 authored by Stephen Privitera's avatar Stephen Privitera

sbank_pipe: add user tag to sub files to allow dags from same directory

Original: 43edf6545f46a5890b2905c92bc6af557a713ece
parent f953256d
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ cp = dcConfigParser()
# initialize sbank job objects
sbankJob = SBankJob(cp)
sbankJob = SBankJob(cp, tag_base=options.user_tag + "_sbank")
mm = cp.get("sbank", "match-min")
cp.remove_option("sbank", "match-min") # don't want it entering via add_ini_opts
......@@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ bank_names.append(xmlCoarse)
# use coarse bank to choose mchirp regions of roughly equal template number
sbankChooseMchirpBoundariesJob = SBankChooseMchirpBoundariesJob(cp)
sbankChooseMchirpBoundariesJob = SBankChooseMchirpBoundariesJob(cp, tag_base=options.user_tag + "_mchirp_boundaries")
sbankChooseMchirpBoundariesNode = SBankChooseMchirpBoundariesNode(sbankChooseMchirpBoundariesJob, dag, xmlCoarse, options.user_tag, pnode)
mchirp_boundaries_fname, = sbankChooseMchirpBoundariesNode.get_output_files()
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