Commit 859e1b75 authored by Vivien Raymond's avatar Vivien Raymond
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LALInference_pipe correct use of gracedb field from ini file

Original: d31bc8af0dfdbbdd4c01c74fd9e4f735800d5fea
parent d32d69a1
......@@ -89,7 +89,7 @@ def readLValert(SNRthreshold=0,gid=None,flow=40.0):
trigSNR = coinctable[0].snr
# Parse PSD
print "gracedb download %s psd.xml.gz" % gid["gracedb","download", gid ,"psd.xml.gz"])[gracedb,"download", gid ,"psd.xml.gz"])
if os.path.exists("psd.xml.gz"):
xmlpsd = utils.load_filename("psd.xml.gz")
psddict = dict((param.get_pyvalue(elem, u"instrument"), lalseries.parse_REAL8FrequencySeries(elem)) for elem in xmlpsd.getElementsByTagName(ligolw.LIGO_LW.tagName) if elem.hasAttribute(u"Name") and elem.getAttribute(u"Name") == u"REAL8FrequencySeries")
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