Commit 8e2d85e9 authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch

Merge branch 'fix_eos' into 'fix_eos'

Fix eos

See merge request john-veitch/lalsuite!3
parents bb6bb351 25ed5f00
......@@ -808,7 +808,7 @@ void LALInferenceTemplateXLALSimInspiralChooseWaveform(LALInferenceModel *model)
LALSimNeutronStarFamily *eos_fam = model->eos_fam;
REAL8 r1=0, r2=0, k2_1=0, k2_2=0, lambda1=0, lambda2=0;
REAL8 r1=0, r2=0, k2_1=0, k2_2=0;
REAL8 mass_max = XLALSimNeutronStarMaximumMass(eos_fam) / LAL_MSUN_SI;
REAL8 mass_min = XLALSimNeutronStarFamMinimumMass(eos_fam) / LAL_MSUN_SI;
......@@ -826,8 +826,8 @@ void LALInferenceTemplateXLALSimInspiralChooseWaveform(LALInferenceModel *model)
lambda2 = (2./3.)*k2_2 * pow(r2/(m2*LAL_MRSUN_SI), 5.0);
/* Set waveform params */
XLALSimInspiralWaveformParamsInsertTidalLambda1(model->LALpars, lambda1);
XLALSimInspiralWaveformParamsInsertTidalLambda2(model->LALpars, lambda2);
/*XLALSimInspiralWaveformParamsInsertTidalLambda1(model->LALpars, lambda1);
XLALSimInspiralWaveformParamsInsertTidalLambda2(model->LALpars, lambda2);*/
/* Add derived quantities for output */
LALInferenceAddVariable(model->params, "radius1", &r1, LALINFERENCE_REAL8_t, LALINFERENCE_PARAM_OUTPUT);
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