Commit 90a4e531 authored by Chris Pankow's avatar Chris Pankow

rapidpe_cig: slicing wrong axis

Original: 693a2da4e361372188e95356a75fa14eff8ed423
parent 3d207532
......@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ pts = amrlib.apply_transform(pts, intr_prms, opts.distance_coordinates)
# assumes the first N points are from the bank in question. That's okay for now
# but we're getting increasingly complex in how we do construction, so we should
# be more sophisticated by matching template IDs instead.
tree = BallTree(pts[:,:ovrlp.shape[0]])
tree = BallTree(pts[:ovrlp.shape[0]])
# Step 3: Get the row of the overlap matrix to work with
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