Commit 928e3ed0 authored by Salvatore Vitale's avatar Salvatore Vitale

Fixed comments in _inj_spins

parent c2c73bd2
......@@ -1994,6 +1994,9 @@ class Posterior(object):
spins = {}
# FIXME: this need fix. SimInspiralGetFrameAxisFromString expects its argument to be a waveform name, not OrbitalL, etc, itself.
# This works in the lalinferenceO2 branch because upon failure, the routine returns the detault axis (-1) which happens to be
# The one used in XML files.
axis = lalsim.SimInspiralGetFrameAxisFromString(frame)
m1, m2 = inj.mass1, inj.mass2
......@@ -2042,7 +2045,7 @@ class Posterior(object):
spins['tilt2'] = tilt2
spins['beta'] = beta
# Need to do rotations of XLALSimInspiralTransformPrecessingInitialConditioin inverse order to go in the L frame
# Need to do rotations of XLALSimInspiralTransformPrecessingNewInitialConditions inverse order to go in the L frame
# first rotation: bring J in the N-x plane, with negative x component
phi0 = np.arctan2(J[1], J[0])
phi0 = np.pi - phi0
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