Commit a1b173d4 authored by Benjamin Farr's avatar Benjamin Farr
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lalinference_mcmc: changed targeted hot logMaxL to 15

Original: 413e488131761718a147720f31dd6b4ba7147f43
parent 53339e7b
......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ void PTMCMCAlgorithm(struct tagLALInferenceRunState *runState)
REAL8 tempMin = *(REAL8*) LALInferenceGetVariable(runState->algorithmParams, "tempMin"); // Min temperature in ladder
REAL8 tempMax = 0.0;
REAL8 trigSNR = 0.0;
REAL8 targetHotLike = 20; // Targeted max 'experienced' log(likelihood) of hottest chain
REAL8 targetHotLike = 15; // Targeted max 'experienced' log(likelihood) of hottest chain
INT4 hotThreshold = nChain/2; // If MPIrank > hotThreshold, use proposals with higher acceptance rates for hot chains
/* Set maximum temperature (command line value take precidence) */
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