Commit a255f43c authored by Carl-Johan Haster's avatar Carl-Johan Haster

Change median_logL to mean_logL

parent 6f142fdc
......@@ -137,11 +137,11 @@ def downsample_and_evidence(data_hdf5, deltaLogP=None, fixedBurnin=None, nDownsa
logls = np.zeros_like(betas)
betas[0] = 1./np.median(posterior_samples['temperature'])
logls[0] = np.median(posterior_samples['logl'])
logls[0] = np.mean(posterior_samples['logl'])
for i in range(len(highTchains)):
betas[i+1] = 1./np.median(highTchains[i]['temperature'])
logls[i+1] = np.median(highTchains[i]['logl'])
logls[i+1] = np.mean(highTchains[i]['logl'])
inds = np.argsort(betas)[::-1]
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