Verified Commit ac643b59 authored by Steffen Grunewald's avatar Steffen Grunewald 💬 Committed by Adam Mercer
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lalinference: upgrade cleanly

some manpages have been moved to python-lalinference

(cherry picked from commit 8628b45c)
parent 5bc2f911
......@@ -129,8 +129,8 @@ Depends:
python-lalinspiral (>= @MIN_LALINSPIRAL_VERSION@~),
python-lalpulsar (>= @MIN_LALPULSAR_VERSION@~),
lalinference (= ${binary:Version})
Replaces: lalapps (<<, lalinference-python (<<
Breaks: lalapps (<<, lalinference-python (<<
Replaces: lalapps (<<, lalinference-python (<<, lalinference (<< 1.11.1)
Breaks: lalapps (<<, lalinference-python (<<, lalinference (<< 1.11.1)
Description: Python bindings for LALInference
The LSC Algorithm Inference Library for gravitational wave data analysis.
This package contains Python bindings for the LAL Inference library.
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