Commit af0ae612 authored by Chris Pankow's avatar Chris Pankow
Browse files reduce precision in screen output

parent 1ffa43c1
......@@ -465,7 +465,7 @@ class MCSampler(object):
raise NanOrInf("maxlnL = inf")
if show_evaluation_log:
print int(time.time()), ": ", self.ntotal, eff_samp, math.log(maxval), numpy.log(int_val1/self.ntotal), numpy.log(int_val1/self.ntotal)-maxlnL, numpy.sqrt(var*self.ntotal)/int_val1
print "{0:.3f} : {1:d} {2:.5f} {3:.2f} {4:.2f} {5:.2f} {6:.3f}".format(time.time(), self.ntotal, eff_samp, math.log(maxval), numpy.log(int_val1 / self.ntotal), numpy.log(int_val1 / self.ntotal) - maxlnL, numpy.sqrt(var * self.ntotal) / int_val1)
if (not convergence_tests) and self.ntotal >= nmin and self.ntotal >= nmax and neff != float("inf"):
print >>sys.stderr, "WARNING: User requested maximum number of samples reached... bailing."
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