Commit b10b1d8c authored by Christopher Biwer's avatar Christopher Biwer
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lalapps_write_ihope_page reads i+1 of veto files, this fixes the

executable from looking for veto files ihope did not generate.
Original: 11c2eadc8542f11ba456a2b38455b1241c0a5dcf
parent 01b428a0
......@@ -689,7 +689,7 @@ def write_datainfo(page,opts):
# with the time analysed.
catStrings = ["VETOTIME_CAT1"]
categories = (hipecp.get('segments','veto-categories')).split(',')
categories = (hipecp.get('segments','veto-categories')).split(',')[:-1]
for num in categories:
catStrings.append("VETOTIME_CAT" + str(num))
for cat in (catStrings):
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