Commit b5cc8774 authored by Matthew David Pitkin's avatar Matthew David Pitkin
Browse files fix bug in conversion from Q22 to h0

 - in lscsoft/lalsuite!171 I forgot that quadrupole_to_h0 required
   the distance in kpc rather than metres. This has now been fixed.
parent 93ad0557
......@@ -2491,7 +2491,7 @@ def pulsar_nest_to_posterior(postfile, nestedsamples=False, removeuntrig=True):
posfreqs = pos[pname].samples[0]
elif pname == 'dist':
# try getting a fixed distance value (for calculating h0 from Q22 if required)
posdist = pos[pname].samples[0]
posdist = pos[pname].samples[0]/KPC
......@@ -2559,11 +2559,11 @@ def pulsar_nest_to_posterior(postfile, nestedsamples=False, removeuntrig=True):
posQ22 = pos['q22'].samples
if 'dist' in pos.names:
posdist = pos['dist'].samples # distance in metre (for use in converting Q22 to h0)
posdist = pos['dist'].samples/KPC # distance in kpc (for use in converting Q22 to h0)
# convert distance samples to kpc
distpos = bppu.PosteriorOneDPDF('dist', posdist/KPC)
distpos = bppu.PosteriorOneDPDF('dist', posdist)
if 'f0' in pos.names:
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