Commit b75d8eab authored by Carl-Johan Haster's avatar Carl-Johan Haster
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Changed default f_low, when rescaling ROQ pipeline runs, from 30Hz to 32Hz

Original: 764b6ba01e05ebf3b0607b92fe20c35c93145564
parent e1cb05e9
......@@ -546,7 +546,7 @@ def get_roq_mass_freq_scale_factor(mc_priors, trigger_mchirp, force_flow=None):
if trigger_mchirp >= mc_max:
scale_factor = 2.**(floor(trigger_mchirp/mc_max))
if trigger_mchirp <= mc_min:
scale_factor = (2./3.)**(ceil(trigger_mchirp/mc_min))
scale_factor = (2./3.2)**(ceil(trigger_mchirp/mc_min))
elif force_flow != None:
scale_factor = 20./force_flow
return scale_factor
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