Commit ba1ec9a6 authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch
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Use correct code for zero lag

Original: dd45e10c75360a3d1d44c73b44161d56c9ece768
parent 08aa539e
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ def get_zerolag_pipedown(database_connection, dumpfile=None, gpsstart=None, gpse
FROM sngl_inspiral join coinc_event_map on (coinc_event_map.table_name=='sngl_inspiral' and coinc_event_map.event_id ==\
sngl_inspiral.event_id) join coinc_event on (coinc_event.coinc_event_id==coinc_event_map.coinc_event_id) \
join coinc_inspiral on (coinc_event.coinc_event_id==coinc_inspiral.coinc_event_id) \
WHERE coinc_event.time_slide_id==0\
WHERE coinc_event.time_slide_id=='time_slide:time_slide_id:10049'\
if gpsstart is not None:
get_coincs=get_coincs+' and sngl_inspiral.end_time+sngl_inspiral.end_time_ns*1.0e-9 > %f'%(gpsstart)
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