Commit beaf6317 authored by Daichi Tsuna's avatar Daichi Tsuna

src/power/ avoid overflow in time.time()

Original: c5d87e1e209ea5da6e7f5b4e7e4fee8d87dab48c
parent 1e8074ef
......@@ -1095,7 +1095,7 @@ def make_binj_fragment(dag, seg, time_slides_cache_entry, tag, offset, flow = No
node.add_macro("macroflow", flow)
if fhigh is not None:
node.add_macro("macrofhigh", fhigh)
node.add_macro("macroseed", int(time.time() + start))
node.add_macro("macroseed", int(time.time()%100 + start))
return set([node])
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