Commit c2c73bd2 authored by Salvatore Vitale's avatar Salvatore Vitale

fixed phiJL calculation in bppu

parent 135dc8ed
......@@ -2063,14 +2063,15 @@ class Posterior(object):
# J should now be || z and L should have a azimuthal angle phi_jl
phi_jl = np.arctan2(L[1], L[0])
phi_jl = np.pi - phi_jl
spins['phi_jl'] = phi_jl
# bring L in the Z-X plane, with negative x
J = ROTATEZ(phi_jl, J[0], J[1], J[2])
L = ROTATEZ(phi_jl, L[0], L[1], L[2])
S1 = ROTATEZ(phi_jl, S1[0], S1[1], S1[2])
S2 = ROTATEZ(phi_jl, S2[0], S2[1], S2[2])
## This np.pi is here below because we are in a frame where N is in the positive XZ plane
# But phi_jl is the polar angle in a frame where N is in the *negative* XZ plane
spins['phi_jl'] = np.pi + phi_jl
# bring L in the Z-X plane, with *negative* x
J = ROTATEZ( np.pi-phi_jl, J[0], J[1], J[2])
L = ROTATEZ( np.pi-phi_jl, L[0], L[1], L[2])
S1 = ROTATEZ( np.pi-phi_jl, S1[0], S1[1], S1[2])
S2 = ROTATEZ( np.pi-phi_jl, S2[0], S2[1], S2[2])
theta0 = array_polar_ang(L)
J = ROTATEY(theta0, J[0], J[1], J[2])
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