Verified Commit c3dada0f authored by Carl-Johan Haster's avatar Carl-Johan Haster Committed by Adam Mercer
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Make spcal_freq IFO names lower case

(cherry picked from commit dff086e3)
parent c1822acd
...@@ -5389,8 +5389,8 @@ def find_ndownsample(samples, nDownsample): ...@@ -5389,8 +5389,8 @@ def find_ndownsample(samples, nDownsample):
splineParams=["spcal_npts", "spcal_active","constantcal_active"] splineParams=["spcal_npts", "spcal_active","constantcal_active"]
for i in np.arange(25): for i in np.arange(25):
for k in lal.cached_detector_by_prefix: for k in lal.cached_detector_by_prefix:
splineParams.append(k+'_spcal_freq_'+str(i)) splineParams.append(k.lower()+'_spcal_freq_'+str(i))
splineParams.append(k+'_spcal_logfreq_'+str(i)) splineParams.append(k.lower()+'_spcal_logfreq_'+str(i))
nonParams = ["logpost", "post", "cycle", "timestamp", "snrh1", "snrl1", "snrv1", nonParams = ["logpost", "post", "cycle", "timestamp", "snrh1", "snrl1", "snrv1",
"margtime","margtimephi","margtime","time_max","time_min", "margtime","margtimephi","margtime","time_max","time_min",
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