Commit c8989f92 authored by Benjamin Farr's avatar Benjamin Farr
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lalinfernece: removed orphaned function prototype in likelihood header

Original: ef290d87f8971c1198063b360183cc7f71da65d5
parent edb101bf
......@@ -213,9 +213,6 @@ REAL8 LALInferenceMarginalisedTimeLogLikelihood(LALInferenceVariables *currentPa
void LALInferenceInitLikelihood(LALInferenceRunState *runState);
/** Get the intrinsic parameters from currentParams */
LALInferenceVariables LALInferenceGetInstrinsicParams(LALInferenceVariables *currentParams);
/** Switch for controlling the removal of lines */
INT4 LALInferenceLineSwitch(INT4 lineFlag, INT4 Nlines, INT4 *lines_array, INT4 *widths_array, INT4 i);
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