Commit cc0fae00 authored by Soichiro Morisaki's avatar Soichiro Morisaki
Browse files minor python3 fixes

parent 2a026af5
......@@ -392,7 +392,7 @@ def get_timeslides_pipedown(database_connection, dumpfile=None, gpsstart=None, g
for (sngl_time, slide, ifo, coinc_id, snr, chisq, cfar) in db_out:
seg=filter(lambda seg:sngl_time in seg,seglist)[0]
seg=list(filter(lambda seg:sngl_time in seg,seglist))[0]
slid_time = SnglInspiralUtils.slideTimeOnRing(sngl_time,slide,seg)
if not coinc_id in output.keys():
......@@ -1069,9 +1069,9 @@ class LALInferencePipelineDAG(pipeline.CondorDAG):
if gpsstart is not None:
events = filter(lambda e: not e.trig_time<gpsstart, events)
events = list(filter(lambda e: not e.trig_time<gpsstart, events))
if gpsend is not None:
events = filter(lambda e: not e.trig_time>gpsend, events)
events = list(filter(lambda e: not e.trig_time>gpsend, events))
return events
def add_full_analysis_lalinferencenest(self,event):
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