Commit cc66cea1 authored by Stephen Privitera's avatar Stephen Privitera Committed by Stephen Privitera
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ChooseFDWaveform: using wrong chi for TF2RS

Original: c70060ef1e09fe56b61afd7b7c70385755530901
parent 03e07af6
......@@ -2186,7 +2186,7 @@ int XLALSimInspiralChooseFDWaveform(
/* Call the waveform driver routine */
ret = XLALSimInspiralTaylorF2ReducedSpin(hptilde, phiRef, deltaF,
m1, m2, XLALSimIMRPhenomBComputeChi(m1, m2, S1z, S2z),
m1, m2, XLALSimInspiralTaylorF2ReducedSpinComputeChi(m1, m2, S1z, S2z),
f_min, f_max, r, phaseO, amplitudeO);
/* The above returns h(f) for optimal orientation (i=0, Fp=1, Fc=0)
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