Commit d028057c authored by Karl Wette's avatar Karl Wette

SuperskyMetrics: add SWIG directives

Original: dd5c8b2126ee9bc0b60df90a2bf2f98a61ba8b19
parent dca36598
......@@ -108,6 +108,9 @@ int XLALFITSWriteSuperskyMetrics(
/// Read a #SuperskyMetrics struct from a FITS file.
#ifdef SWIG // SWIG interface directives
SWIGLAL( INOUT_STRUCTS( SuperskyMetrics **, metrics ) );
int XLALFITSReadSuperskyMetrics(
FITSFile *file, ///< [in] FITS file pointer
SuperskyMetrics **metrics ///< [out] Supersky metrics struct
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