Commit d291b8ed authored by Vivien Raymond's avatar Vivien Raymond
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Adapted triggerSNR for mcmc temperature ladder to be more conservative on GDB events.

Original: d92c61da55250b4e4a349c451853e4b965cb475a
parent 8e8dd810
......@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ def readLValert(SNRthreshold=0,gid=None,flow=40.0,gracedb="gracedb",basepath="./
#ifos = search_summary[0].ifos.split(",")
#coinc_table = lsctables.getTablesByType(xmldoc, lsctables.CoincTable)[0]
#ifos = coinc_table[0].instruments.split(",")
trigSNR = coinctable[0].snr
trigSNR = 2.0*coinctable[0].snr #The factor of 2.0 is because detection pipelines recover SNR lower than PE can recover.
# Parse PSD
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