Commit d5d14a2a authored by Michalis Agathos's avatar Michalis Agathos
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LALInferenceTemplate.c: fixed typo in value of maxShift

Original: f84494281b1fddf8cd33dc70186a2d7d71ccd1e6
parent 861600fa
......@@ -1977,7 +1977,7 @@ void LALInferenceTemplateXLALSimInspiralChooseWaveform(LALInferenceIFOData *IFOd
/* 2*Rearth/(c*deltaT)---2 is safety factor---is the maximum time
shift for any earth-based detector. */
size_t maxShift = (size_t)lround(4.255e-4/hplus->deltaT);
size_t maxShift = (size_t)lround(4.255e-2/hplus->deltaT);
/* Taper 0.4 seconds at start and end (hard-coded! in
LALInferenceReadData.c, around line 233). */
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