Commit d6341ccd authored by Matthew David Pitkin's avatar Matthew David Pitkin allow previous samples to be used as prior

    - add a function to calculate a Gaussian Mixture Model fit to an ND
      set of samples (using function from scikit-learn)
    - allow previous posterior samples files to be read in and used to
      create a Gaussian Mixture Model from amplitude and cos(iota) samples
Original: 0768828ea25ae66e01ec52d47431ce77a2269903
parent 84700307
......@@ -229,6 +229,9 @@ amplitude_prior_type = 'fermidirac'
amplitude_prior_model_type = 'waveform'
# a JSON file with pulsar name keys associated with previous posterior samples files for use as priors in current analysis
previous_posteriors_file = path_to_file_of_previous_posterior_files
# a JSON file with amplitude upper limits from previous runs
amplitude_prior_file = path_to_file_of_previous_upper_limits
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