Commit d6603e23 authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon

snglcoinc: switch to using Python IDs to track trigger rows

- relaxes requirement that trigger rows have .event_id attributes
- might also be a teansy bit faster since id() might be faster than the attribute look-up.  maybe.
- also move id-->event conversion inside library code
Original: a0ce81bae36eb41eb5b4e20754a702e4e1e63089
parent 6435a676
......@@ -330,15 +330,13 @@ def burca(
print >>sys.stderr, "indexing ..."
coinc_tables = CoincTables(xmldoc)
coinc_def_id = ligolw_coincs.get_coinc_def_id(xmldoc,, coinc_definer_row.search_coinc_type, create_new = True, description = coinc_definer_row.description)
sngl_burst_table = lsctables.SnglBurstTable.get_table(xmldoc)
sngl_index = dict((row.event_id, row) for row in sngl_burst_table)
# build the event list accessors, populated with events from those
# processes that can participate in a coincidence
eventlists = snglcoinc.EventListDict(EventListType, sngl_burst_table, instruments = set(coinc_tables.time_slide_table.getColumnByName("instrument")))
eventlists = snglcoinc.EventListDict(EventListType, lsctables.SnglBurstTable.get_table(xmldoc), instruments = set(coinc_tables.time_slide_table.getColumnByName("instrument")))
# construct offset vector assembly graph
......@@ -354,9 +352,8 @@ def burca(
for node, coinc in time_slide_graph.get_coincs(eventlists, event_comparefunc, thresholds, verbose = verbose):
if len(coinc) < min_instruments:
ntuple = tuple(sngl_index[event_id] for event_id in coinc)
if not ntuple_comparefunc(ntuple, node.offset_vector):
coinc_tables.append_coinc(*coinc_tables.coinc_rows(process_id, node.time_slide_id, coinc_def_id, ntuple))
if not ntuple_comparefunc(coinc, node.offset_vector):
coinc_tables.append_coinc(*coinc_tables.coinc_rows(process_id, node.time_slide_id, coinc_def_id, coinc))
# done
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