Commit d78f8183 authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon
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lalapps_string_final: fix syntax error

Original: b84aeb329dff762d1e070e8acb07c8cde579e87d
parent 7e6e679a
......@@ -589,7 +589,7 @@ FROM
# 1/amplitude needs to be first so
# that it acts as the sort key
record = (1.0 / sim.amplitude, sim, offsetvectors[sim.time_slide_id], contents.filename, likelihood_ratio)
if len(self.quietest_found) < self.n_diagnostics):
if len(self.quietest_found) < self.n_diagnostics:
heapq.heappush(self.quietest_found, record)
heapq.heappushpop(self.quietest_found, record)
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