Commit e8c2fb11 authored by Reinhard Prix's avatar Reinhard Prix

ComputeFstat.h: fix too-low FSTATQ_LAST setting

- 'last' marker on bitflags needs to be exactly one higher than
  maximal possible combined bitflag value
- that bug was introduced in a086d950f6 as part of issue #5206
- fixes #5620
Original: 5947e32b90fe1ee05a942a412d59956742f0a69a
parent 2b87c404
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ typedef enum tagFstatQuantities {
FSTATQ_2F_PER_DET = 0x04, ///< Compute \f$2\mathcal{F}\f$ for each detector.
FSTATQ_FAFB_PER_DET = 0x08, ///< Compute \f$F_a\f$ and \f$F_b\f$ for each detector.
FSTATQ_ATOMS_PER_DET = 0x10, ///< Compute per-SFT \f$\mathcal{F}\f$-statistic atoms for each detector (\a Demod only).
} FstatQuantities;
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