Commit ecc99d07 authored by Karl Wette's avatar Karl Wette

Further expand .mailmap to provide unique author/email mapping

Original: e09c783cfcd8c5486a981f9ef7d7c1df4db169ab
parent 78a1d758
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use strict;
open IN, "git shortlog -s -e -n |" or die $!;
my %authors;
my %emails;
while (<IN>) {
$_ =~ m/^\s*\d+\s+([^<>]+)\s+<([^>]+)>\s*$/ or die;
my $author = $1;
my $email = $2;
next if $author =~ /^UNKNOWN/;
if (defined($authors{$author})) {
print "$authors{$author} <$email>\n";
} elsif (defined($emails{$email})) {
print "$emails{$email} <$email>\n";
} else {
$authors{$author} = $emails{$email} = "$author <$email>";
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