Commit f8193a4f authored by Adam Mercer's avatar Adam Mercer
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add duncan to codeowners for build system

[ci skip]
parent 72bed6d8
......@@ -27,17 +27,17 @@ lalapps/src/string/ @kipp.cannon @florent-robinet @imene.belahcene
conda/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
debian/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
docker/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
gnuscripts/ @adam-mercer @karl-wette
gnuscripts/ @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod
* @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
* @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
.gitlab-ci.yml @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
.gitlab-*.Dockerfile @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
.mailmap* @adam-mercer @karl-wette
00boot @adam-mercer @karl-wette
00boot @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
COPYING @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod @adam-mercer @karl-wette @adam-mercer @karl-wette @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod
# SWIG bindings
swig/ @karl-wette @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
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