Commit f953256d authored by Stephen Privitera's avatar Stephen Privitera

sbank_pipe: rename coarse job so multiple dags can run in same directory

Original: 6cd7a759ccd0347e53edda60b2f8effa6945a964
parent c0f64c30
......@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@ bank_names = []
bank_nodes = []
# set up sole coarse node to plan out the mini-sbank nodes
coarse_sbank_node = SBankNode(sbankJob, dag, "SBANK_COARSE")
coarse_sbank_node = SBankNode(sbankJob, dag, "SBANK_%s_COARSE" % options.user_tag)
coarse_mm = cp.get("coarse-sbank", "match-min")
coarse_sbank_node.add_var_opt("match-min", coarse_mm)
coarse_thresh = cp.get("coarse-sbank", "convergence-threshold")
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