Commit fa7eee73 authored by John Douglas Veitch's avatar John Douglas Veitch
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LALInferenceProposal.c: Remove unused variable

Original: 4c66b761e24fe3e861100c79f20c503fef8a64d3
parent 8cc91da5
......@@ -1697,7 +1697,7 @@ REAL8 LALInferenceSkyRingProposal(LALInferenceThreadState *thread,
INT4 i, j, l;
INT4 ifo, nifo, timeflag=0;
REAL8 logPropRatio = 0.0;
REAL8 ra, dec, dL;
REAL8 ra, dec;
REAL8 baryTime, gmst;
REAL8 newRA, newDec, newTime, newPsi;
REAL8 intpart, decpart;
......@@ -1725,12 +1725,6 @@ REAL8 LALInferenceSkyRingProposal(LALInferenceThreadState *thread,
LALInferenceCopyVariables(currentParams, proposedParams);
if (distParam == USES_DISTANCE_VARIABLE) {
dL = LALInferenceGetREAL8Variable(currentParams, "distance");
} else {
dL = exp(LALInferenceGetREAL8Variable(currentParams, "logdistance"));
LALInferenceVariables *args = thread->proposalArgs;
gsl_rng *rng = thread->GSLrandom;
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