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      Merge branch 'streaming_coincidence' into 'master' · a1c8d362
      Kipp Cannon authored
      snglcoinc: new stream-based coincidence engine
      See merge request !501
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      snglcoinc: new stream-based coincidence engine · 09adb9f5
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - this patch replaces snglcoinc's coincidence engine with a native
        streaming engine.  the old implementation was written at a time when it
        was believed that time slides were the focus of coincidence analyses, and
        was optimized for performing very large numbers of time slides.  we now
        know time slides are not how good noise models are constructed and that
        it is better to optimize for high trigger rates so as to allow for the
        lowest possible thresholds.  that means optimizing not for high offset
        vector count but, instead, for ram use and lower comparison operation
        count, i.e., adopting a "streaming model", where events flow into the
        comparison engine and coincidences flow out, a relatively small number of
        time shift offset vectors are considered, and events are only held in
        memory until they are no longer needed to construct coincidences.
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