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    • Leo Pound Singer's avatar
      BAYESTAR workaround for artificial rolloff of PSD · 45e6a113
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      Some folks may have noticed that BAYESTAR sky maps in O1 occasionally
      exhibit many narrow, widely, regularly spaced rings. Here are a few
      recent examples:
      I have heard a few people speculate that this unusual morphology might
      be a standard feature of glitches or very faint events, but I was never
      convinced. I am now certain that these are artifacts due to the
      conditioning of the PSDs from the online gstlal pipeline.
      These PSDs artificially roll off to zero starting at about 95% of their
      maximum frequency of 1024 Hz. Presumably this reflects gstlal’s
      low-pass filter. It is a problem because it implies to BAYESTAR that
      the detector is exquisitely sensitive from about 975 to 1024 Hz. The
      resultant autocorrelation sequence has rapid sinusoidal modulations
      that reflect the implied high power near the Nyquist rate. This causes
      the ring structure in the sky maps because the transverse profile of
      the localization annuli are determined by the autocorrelation sequence.
      From what I have seen, this only affects low-mass (e.g., BNS and NSBH
      systems) because high-mass systems terminate at frequencies below 1024
      Hz. It does not affect MBTA candidates because MBTA’s PSDs appear to be
      sampled up to 2048 Hz (though MBTA’s PSDs also display a hint of a
      rolloff artifact). To be clear, all pipelines (gstlal, MBTA, pycbc)
      display PSD rolloff artifacts.
      This quick fix for BAYESTAR sets the PSD to infinity at frequencies
      above 95% of the maximum rate. We will probably roll back this patch
      later once the issue is fixed upstream.
      Refs #2890.
      Original: ba1c2ddf5535b7765e3754cee1a412515cea5587
    • Chris Pankow's avatar Check spins separately · bc572d82
      Chris Pankow authored
      Original: 3cc7ae9d95f03577e341995d41487a7c7c671f11
    • Chris Pankow's avatar
      rapidpe_cig: add pinned intrinsic params · d71d6cb5
      Chris Pankow authored
      Original: 9b76288030d1e9b7a20300c295d3316df8cf7eff
    • Leo Pound Singer's avatar
      Remove unused variable · 7e7a3e75
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      Original: db2b253a4e4acfcd0948e248f91e3160c8b7b7e9
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