1. 20 Jul, 2012 5 commits
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      SWIG: return value of XLALGPSToUTC() · cb2a3dd2
      Karl Wette authored
      Original: 1fcd87ca0681e39c500b18e5d7bfae337e17707d
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      SWIG: remove SWIGLAL(RETURN_VOID(...)) macros · 3fa630ba
      Karl Wette authored
      - This behaviour is now the default for these functions
      Original: d0db79cdc958f2d5da260e88c89c41a3631cb5c9
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      SWIG: ignore return values of functions whose return type matches their first argument · 2b658b99
      Karl Wette authored
      - A number of functions in LALSuite return the value of their first argument,
        after some modifications have been made. In the SWIG wrappings this generates
        two SWIG-wrapping objects which wrap the same C struct, which leads to segfaults.
        The SWIG wrappings now return VOID_Object for these functions by default, unless
        the return value is specifically requested.
      - Implementation: generate_swiglal_iface.py looks for functions whose return type
        matches their first argument, and if so supplied the return type to the macro
        %swiglal_process_function(), which applies the SWIGLAL_RETURN_VOID typemap.
        Ignoring return values of type 'int' (i.e. XLAL error codes) is now also
        handled in the same way, so the SWIGLAL_XLAL_ERROR_CODE typemap is removed.
      - Also: RETURN_XLAL_ERROR_CODE() now handles multiple function arguments.
      Original: 957788cca2a69e45216cdaa4cfde18706d386ab7
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      SWIG: prevent libtool from building static libraries for wrapping modules · 7247a908
      Karl Wette authored
      Original: e9c68ec696082f6f847a5f822ab5b28d3a986777
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      SWIG: fixup to build system CLEANFILES targets · cafcbc11
      Karl Wette authored
      - make $(swig_iface_headers) a clean instead of a distclean target
      - no need to clean .deps files as .deps/ directory already removed by distclean
      Original: e93184ae48392686b2bbe2c115e10f831ba2b0be
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