1. 15 Apr, 2019 5 commits
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      Merge branch 'fix_failure' into 'master' · 9288744c
      Karl Wette authored
      Fix problem documented in #160
      See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!755
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      Merge branch 'move-SFTclean' into 'master' · 7ea7af0c
      Karl Wette authored
      lalapps/src/pulsar: move SFTclean from Hough to SFTTools
      See merge request lscsoft/lalsuite!743
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      Fix problem documented in #160 · 6871b25e
      Matthew Pitkin authored
       - edit make_frame_cache to be Python 3 compatible
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      Merge branch 'SEOBNRv4T_surrogate_master' into 'master' · b675322c
      Sebastian Khan authored
      SEOBNRv4T_surrogate master
      See merge request !741
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      Implement SEOBNRv4T surrogate model · 4c6e05a5
      Michael Puerrer authored
      Frequency domain surrogate of the time-domain SEOBNRv4T
      effective-one-body waveform model for spin-aligned binary neutron
      stars including overall tidal deformability using universal relations.
      At low frequencies the approximant returns spline interpolated TaylorF2
      on sparse grids. At higher frequencies the waveform consists of
      TaylorF2 + surrogate amplitude and phase corrections to approximate SEOBNRv4T
      (previously called TEOBv4). TaylorF2 is evaluate once on a sparse grid.
      The HDF5 data file contains the GPR surrogate training data and
      sparse grids tailored to linear or cubic spline interpolation.
      Here we subtract off the 3PN spin-spin term that is not included in SEOBNRv4T.
      The quadrupole monopole parameters are set using universal relations.
      Add coordinate transformation between lambda and xi.
      Implement pn_ss3 using TF2 functions.
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