1. 17 Apr, 2015 3 commits
  2. 16 Apr, 2015 5 commits
  3. 15 Apr, 2015 6 commits
  4. 14 Apr, 2015 3 commits
  5. 13 Apr, 2015 3 commits
  6. 10 Apr, 2015 1 commit
  7. 09 Apr, 2015 19 commits
    • Michael Puerrer's avatar
      Convert warnings to errors when frequency too low · a19884e0
      Michael Puerrer authored
      Original: 673ca43bab87e3bb9242faf763bfab1fa531a8e1
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      lal/configure.ac: change LALSIMD.c non-PIC flag to remove spaces · 3dc6394c
      Karl Wette authored
      - Compiler converts commas in -Wl argument to spaces, so
        "-Wl,-read_only_relocs,suppress" gets passed to linker as
        "-read_only_relocs suppress"
      Original: 5177dd0cd951ba33d4f11545ea381656311481e8
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      SWIG: fix up checking of Octave/Python linker flags · 8d931609
      Karl Wette authored
      - Change -Xlinker <arg> to -Wl,<arg>
      Original: 8fbc9110311714dd3dfa6ee62d961eb4b8d1d60c
    • Reinhard Prix's avatar
      atticed obsolete and unused 'LALDemod*' files · 33c38695
      Reinhard Prix authored
      - refs #20
      Original: aca0afb4179b4b8fe05a99679fce4d6790daed80
    • Reinhard Prix's avatar
      ComputeFstat: measure and export timing coefficients from Demod methods as well · 75f78042
      Reinhard Prix authored
      - can be output by ComputeFstatBenchmark
      - allow overriding COLLECT_TIMING via CFLAGS define
      - refs #2001
      Original: 979200cb8471c78a4e4e4e2b6ccfea37d2bdc486
    • Reinhard Prix's avatar
      ComputeFstat: various minor cleanup edits · c58a877e
      Reinhard Prix authored
      - testGCT.sh: change Fstat method used to 'best' instead of 'OptC'
      - ComputeFstatTest: avoid re-running redundant tests on 'best' methods
      - ComputeFstatBenchmark: removed unused option 'runBuffered'
      - minor efficiency improvement in XLALComputeFstatFromFaFb()
      - ComputeFstatBenchmark: output info file for any 'resamp' method
      - ComputeFstat_Resamp: removed now-unused MultiUINT4Vector type
      - refs #2001
      Original: 4fb7578c9cb3fbbee291c9491ea93203e590bbf6
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstatBenchmark: add developer option --reuseInput · 6762f25a
      Karl Wette authored
      - Only useful for checking workspace management
      - Refs #2001
      Original: ba1d8fee6139dd855a45759cbeedce8470629ece
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: implement reference counting for common workspace · aa849106
      Karl Wette authored
      - Gives user flexibility to free FstatInput in any order without
        problems; workspace is freed only once it's no longer needed
      - First FstatInput allocates memory for workspace and reference
        counter; subsequent FstatInput store pointers to workspace and
        reference counter, which is incremented
      - When destroyed, each FstatInput decrements reference counter;
        once it reaches 0, workspace and reference count memory are freed
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 503044dd82f5975b0cd5c6449f02d4658b561709
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: rename '..._dtor' variables to '..._destroy_func' · 2bf18563
      Karl Wette authored
      - More descriptive names
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 4262e8cafe44a0979d4289178f0e42ea3c40f828
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: fully implement runtime selection of Demod hotloops · 5f90c91a
      Karl Wette authored
        configure.ac to check for SSE and Altivec support
      - Each Demod hotloop compiled separately as ComputeFstat_DemodHL_<name>.c,
        uses ComputeFstat_Demod_ComputeFaFb.c and ComputeFstat_DemodHL_<name>.i
      - XLALSetupFstatDemod() saves a function pointed to selected Demod hotloop
        based on which are available at compile time. XLALFstatMethodIsAvailable()
        already handles which methods are available at runtime
      - XLALComputeFstatDemod() calls function pointer to execute Demod hotloop
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 2eb69e677277e79b7780c059883e48539ae852db
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: modify Fstat method handling for runtime selection · c4f6479c
      Karl Wette authored
      - FMETHOD_{DEMOD|RESAMP}_BEST are now ordinary enum constants,
        which XLALCreateFstatInput() will replace with best available
        runtime method when called
      - XLALFstatMethodIsAvailable() decides which methods are available
        at runtime, rather than querying a compile-time list
      - Modify XLALFstatMethodHelpString() to still print same help string
      - Remove XLALFstatMethodClassIs...() macros, no longer needed apart
        from hack in ComputeFstatistic_v2.c
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 5fee3846a5e93073cdc23d2747d0e144a32621a6
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: compile ComputeFstat_{Demod,Resamp}.c separately · 1f2731ba
      Karl Wette authored
      - Share definitions where required via ComputeFstat_internal.h
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 818975ac0fb1de6549f636c44feee34f96375d5f
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: better encapsulate F-stat methods using function pointers · af43a8a8
      Karl Wette authored
      - Switch at beginning of XLALCreateFstatInput() selects setup function
        pointer and number of extra SFT bins for a given method; this should
        be (pretty much) the only point where method-specific stuff happens
      - Runtime checks on Dterms moved here from Demod ComputeFaFb() functions
      - Setup function initialises 'input.method_funcs' with pointer to
        compute function and various destructor functions, used elsewhere
      - Setup function allocates method data, returned in input.method_data;
        XLALCreateFstatInput() does't need to know size of method data struct
      - Simplify names of some functions and structs
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 5f16c8396b0dc495bacb3ae622ff2083d4040d77
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat_Resamp: cleaner encapsulation of timing info output · 5db670e8
      Karl Wette authored
      - XLALGetResampTimingInfo() replaced by global variables Resamp_tauF1Buf
        and Resamp_tauF1NoBuf, updated at end of ComputeFstat_Resamp()
      - XLALAppendResampInfo2File() now fully internal, called at end of
        ComputeFstat_Resamp() with file pointer from FstatOptionalArgs
      - Refs #2001
      Original: e430dd3e8ae740eebc53cad5ab5a87372f1ed959
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: better encapsulate shared workspace handling · 65679b16
      Karl Wette authored
      - Move workspace into common Fstat data
      - Move workspace ownership logic into XLALCreateFstatInput()
      - Methods that use a workspace must supply a destructor function
      - User now just needs to pass a previous FstatInput to optionalArgs;
        the FstatInput that allocated the workspace also destroys it
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 4168a79a1fcff721685f948f3b41a9a80fda801e
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: change XLALGetFstatMethodName(FstatMethodType) to... · 16fa6a84
      Karl Wette authored
      ComputeFstat: change XLALGetFstatMethodName(FstatMethodType) to XLALGetFstatInputMethodName(const FstatInput*)
      - Since F-statistic method might now be selected at runtime, cannot know for
        sure which method is in use until XLALCreateFstatInput() has been called
      - Best therefore to query the FstatInput* for which method is being used
      - Refs #2001
      Original: f405ec2758fc7f932bd4af62cbe3c03db02b8a30
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat: make FstatInput::common a struct member instead of a pointer · 76f4e1e5
      Karl Wette authored
      - No need for it to be dynamically allocated
      - Refs #2001
      Original: d39f964deb122a1a20f4a08a9db875a10185d7c8
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat.c: temporarily disable SSE and Altivec Demod hotloops · 21f69438
      Karl Wette authored
      - Not currently supported by build system since refs #1950 was pushed
      - Refs #2001
      Original: 896ca83483bfb533b3291e8caa2929341ef1dadd
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      ComputeFstat*.[chi]: cleanup and simplify copyright notices · 803a53d7
      Karl Wette authored
      - Use date--ranges, coalesce multiple entries for an author into one line
      - Add copyright notice for ComputeFstat_Demod_ComputeFaFb.c, copied from
      Original: 9f6ecc2429b6dc96a8e88364597a06dd41903b42