1. 10 Aug, 2017 1 commit
  2. 08 Aug, 2017 5 commits
  3. 07 Aug, 2017 4 commits
  4. 05 Aug, 2017 3 commits
  5. 04 Aug, 2017 2 commits
    • Matthew David Pitkin's avatar
      lalapps/src/pulsar/HeterodyneSearch: some minor directory clean-up · 8f90854b
      Matthew David Pitkin authored
       - no longer build lalapps_CrabTNHeterodyne as the code is no longer used
      Original: 59e7d00a5814f1e52b8eca8ba93ae7e2c3318769
    • Matthew David Pitkin's avatar
      Convert XLALReadTEMPOParFileNew() to XLALReadTEMPOParFile() · e3130ffa
      Matthew David Pitkin authored
       - Convert XLALReadTEMPOParFileNew() to XLALReadTEMPOParFile() as the
         original function is deprecated
       - the original XLALReadTEMPOParFile() function are still used have been
         renamed XLALReadTEMPOParFileOrig() and a deprecation warning has been
         added. Cases where this function is still required have been
         converted to use XLALReadTEMPOParFileOrig().
       - XLALReadTEMPOParFileNew() has been renamed to XLALReadTEMPOParFile()
         and all cases where it is used have been converted appropriately.
       - also use XLALReadTEMPOParFile() rather than deprecated
       - create_pulsar_signal_frame.c and sw_inj_frames.c have been converted
         from using BinaryPulsarParams structure to PulsarParameters structure
       - closes #5668
      Original: a6bcb530bbb4cc01ce6959d5752aba2a84363f47
  6. 03 Aug, 2017 7 commits
    • Matthew David Pitkin's avatar
      SpectralInterpolation.[c/h]: various updates: · f6dbf3a6
      Matthew David Pitkin authored
       - use the PulsarParameters structure rather than BinaryPulsarParams for
         holding pulsar parameters. This make the code consistent with
         lalapps_heterodyne_pulsar and
         lalapps_pulsar_parameter_estimation_nested. This also means that the
         binary system time delay function XLALBinaryPulsatDeltaT() is
         replaced with XLALBinaryPulsatDeltaTNew()
       - no longer use START and FINISH times within pulsar ".par" files as
         bounds for analysis times. Analysis times should be set on the
         command line or be based on the provided segment list.
       - use XLALFindFiles() to find any ".par" files in a given directory
       - use for loops for frequency and phase Taylor expansion calcualtion
         (as is now used in heterodyne_pulsar.c and ppe_models.c)
       - use XLALReadSegmentsFromFile() to read in the segment list rather
         than the inbuilt get_segment_list() function
       - use longer default sizes (256->1024) for string variables holding
         file names
       - minor typo correction and tidying
      Closes #5667
      Original: b002970a29277aab145627f8b5eea76f3a8c5829
    • Matthew David Pitkin's avatar
      ReadPulsarParFile.c: add some required memory free-ing · 289914e8
      Matthew David Pitkin authored
      Original: 8c4a3a7962703a4804fc93262534584fea1e0423
    • Matthew David Pitkin's avatar
      ppe_inject.c: remove superfluous ; · 9b6bcf26
      Matthew David Pitkin authored
      Original: afb44cceefd4b55a31b6389de63f42be6280dc16
    • Daichi Tsuna's avatar
      binjfind.py: use .peak property of SnglBurst · 7e9898e0
      Daichi Tsuna authored
      Original: 37e9106f8653168fb3fe28b22ded2549d531a2ac
    • Daichi Tsuna's avatar
      binjfind.py: fix namespace thinko · 3a19c6c4
      Daichi Tsuna authored
      Original: 4ffd974a7726dc3c9087ac4dee41f993cbb3fe52
    • Daichi Tsuna's avatar
      lalapps_binjfind: fix namespace thinko · 70454e48
      Daichi Tsuna authored
      Original: 53eca876a6e3992932ab4e062abebe0243c84b70
    • Kipp Cannon's avatar
      lalapps_run_sqlite: move from pylal · 017464aa
      Kipp Cannon authored
      - to lalapps/src/inspiral/
      Original: 14552b54132fbd5cfe93dd7136e833618f22bafe
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