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.TH LALFR-CKSUM 1 "10 June 2013" LALFrame LALFrame
lalfr-cksum -- validates the checksum of a frame file

.B lalfr-cksum
\fIfile\fP [\fIfiles\fP ...]

The \fBlalfr-cksum\fP utility validates the checksum on the specified files
to the standard output.  The \fIfile\fP operands are processed in command-line
order.  If \fIfile\fP is a single dash (`\fB-\fP') or absent, \fBlalfr-cksum\fP
reads from the standard input.

The \fBlalfr-cksum\fP utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if one or more of
the frame files have invalid checksums.

The command:
lalfr-cksum file1.gwf file2.gwf
will validate frame files \fIfile1.gwf\fP and \fIfile2.gwf\fP.

Jolien Creighton