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.TH LALFR-SPLIT 1 "10 June 2013" LALFrame LALFrame
lalfr-split -- split a frame file into component frames

.B lalfr-split
[\fIfile\fP [\fIname\fP]]

The \fBlalfr-split\fP utility reads the given \fIfile\fP containing multiple
frames and breaks it up into files each containing one frame.
If \fIfile\fP is a single dash (`\fB-\fP') or absent, \fBlalfr-split\fP reads
from the standard input.

If additional arguments are specified, the first is used as the name of the
input file which is to be split.  If a second additional argument is specified,
it is used as a prefix for the names of the files into which the file is split.
In this case, each file into which the file is split is named by the prefix
followed by a lexically ordered suffix using two characters in the range
``a-z'' followed by the extension ``.gwf''.

If the \fIname\fP argument is not specified, the file is split into lexically
ordered files named with the prefix ``x'' and with suffixes as above.

If \fIfile.gwf\fP contains three frames then the command:
lalfr-split file.gwf
produces three files, ``xaa.gwf'', ``xab.gwf'', and ``xac.gwf'', each
containing one of the three frames.


Jolien Creighton