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    lal: merge LALErrno.h into LALError.h · 90e3674b
    Kipp Cannon authored
    - LALErrno.h was introduced to clean up the hard-coded integer constants
      and inline error message strings that once appeared throughout lal in
      association with the "LALStatus"-based error reporting mechanism.  that
      error reporting mechanism is now obsolete and has been mostly removed,
      but some code remains that continues to use it.  this patch coalesces the
      definitions of the integer constants and error message strings into the
      header that defines the LALStatus error reporting macros, making it
      easier to remove all of this stuff later and making it clear to the
      authors of new code that these constants are not to be used with the new
      error reporting mechanism.
    - while at it, the numeric constants are replaced with their new XLAL errno
      equivalents in the hope that this minimizes the cost of converting the
      remaining legacy code to XLAL-based APIs in the future (prevent somebody
      from writing new code that relies on the old integer values).  make check
      in all trees passes with the new error code values.
    - see https://bugs.ligo.org/redmine/issues/2009
    Original: 98d7425f10d12e7ce6b25e9c97ac3a37eb75dfe2
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