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    all except lalapps: rename src/ --> lib/ · 7cffa3f3
    Kipp Cannon authored
    - in the following, "*" means except lalapps
    - git mv src lib in *
    - sort .gitattributes, then "src" to "lib"
    - search and replace "src" to "lib" in */.gitignore
    - change "src" to "lib" in gnuscripts/lalsuite_test.am
    - change "src" to "lib" in SUBDIRS= in */Makefile.am
    - in */configure.ac:
    	- "src" to "lib" in AC_CONFIG_HEADERS()
    	- "src" to "lib" in AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR()
    	- "src" to "lib" in AC_CONFIG_FILES()
    	- "src" to "lib" in LDADD
    - in */python/*/Makefile.am:
    	- "src" to "lib" in *_CPPFLAGS
    	- "src" to "lib" in *_LDFLAGS
    - in */lib:
    	- update *VCSInfo* symbolic links to point to ../../lal/lib/
    	- update version.c.in symbolic links to point to ../../lal/lib/
    - "src" to "lib" in */doxygen/exclude.list
    - in lal:
    	- "src" to "lib" in AM_CPPFLAGS in configure.ac
    	- "src" to "lib" in header-link-stamp directory loop in include/lal/Makefile.am
    	- "src" to "lib" in test/vectorops/VectorMathTests.sh
    - in lalpulsar:
    	- "src" to "lib" in comments in test/SuperskyMetricsTest.c
    - in lalinference:
    	- "src" to "lib" in test/lalinference_nestedSampling_integration_test.sh
    - "src" to "lib" in AM_CPPFLAGS in gnuscripts/lalsuite_test.am
    - lal/test/date/Makefile.am, lal/test/vectorops/Makefile.am, lalsimulation/test/Makefile.am:
    	- add AM_CPPFLAGS += -I$(top_srcdir)/lib
    - lal/test/date/LeapSecsTest.c, lal/test/vectorops/VectorMathTest.c, lalsimulation/test/PhenomPTest.c:
    	- replace #include's of absolute paths (that included src/) with #include's relying on default search paths (now set with AM_CPPFLAGS)
Code owners : Adam Mercer, Duncan Macleod, and Karl Wette
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