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Commit 01f827f5 authored by Duncan Macleod's avatar Duncan Macleod

Merge branch 'codeowners-update-release' into 'o3-release'

Update CODEOWNERS on release branch

See merge request !846
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# the librarian has default control of everything # overall
* @adam-mercer * @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod @karl-wette
# package-level owners # package-level owners
lal/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton lal/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton
...@@ -8,14 +8,14 @@ lalmetaio/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton ...@@ -8,14 +8,14 @@ lalmetaio/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton
lalsimulation/ @riccardo-sturani @frank-ohme lalsimulation/ @riccardo-sturani @frank-ohme
lalburst/ @salvatore-vitale @ryan-lynch lalburst/ @salvatore-vitale @ryan-lynch
lalpulsar/ @karl-wette @david-keitel lalpulsar/ @karl-wette @david-keitel
lalinspiral/ @jolien-creighton lalinspiral/ @jolien-creighton @adam-mercer
lalinference/ @bfarr @cjhaster @john-veitch @vivien lalinference/ @bfarr @cjhaster @john-veitch @vivien
# lalapps # lalapps
lalapps/src/findchirp/ @jolien-creighton lalapps/src/findchirp/ @jolien-creighton @adam-mercer
lalapps/src/frametools/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton lalapps/src/frametools/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton
lalapps/src/hwinjection/ @karl-wette @david-keitel lalapps/src/hwinjection/ @karl-wette @david-keitel
lalapps/src/inspiral/ @jolien-creighton lalapps/src/inspiral/ @jolien-creighton @adam-mercer
lalapps/src/inspiral/posterior/ @bfarr @cjhaster @john-veitch @vivien lalapps/src/inspiral/posterior/ @bfarr @cjhaster @john-veitch @vivien
lalapps/src/lalapps/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton lalapps/src/lalapps/ @adam-mercer @jolien-creighton
lalapps/src/power/ @kipp.cannon @xavier.siemens lalapps/src/power/ @kipp.cannon @xavier.siemens
...@@ -27,17 +27,17 @@ lalapps/src/string/ @kipp.cannon @florent-robinet @imene.belahcene ...@@ -27,17 +27,17 @@ lalapps/src/string/ @kipp.cannon @florent-robinet @imene.belahcene
conda/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod conda/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
debian/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod debian/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
docker/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod docker/ @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
gnuscripts/ @adam-mercer @karl-wette gnuscripts/ @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod
* @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod * @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
* @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod * @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
.gitlab-ci.yml @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod .gitlab-ci.yml @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
.gitlab-*.Dockerfile @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod .gitlab-*.Dockerfile @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
.mailmap* @adam-mercer @karl-wette .mailmap* @adam-mercer @karl-wette
00boot @adam-mercer @karl-wette 00boot @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
COPYING @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod COPYING @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod @adam-mercer @karl-wette @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod @adam-mercer @karl-wette @adam-mercer @karl-wette @duncanmmacleod
# SWIG bindings # SWIG bindings
swig/ @karl-wette swig/ @karl-wette @adam-mercer @duncanmmacleod
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