Commit 5557319b authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon

lalmetaio: remove "group" prefixes

- from all Table, Column, and Stream element names
- part I of a three-part series to prepare for integer row IDs
- the algorithm used to resolve cross references when assigning new IDs to
  rows to avoid conflicts when merging documents currently makes use of
  information carried by the IDs themselves, which will be lost when they
  are converted to simple integers.  the objective here is to shift that
  information into the column names.  we begin by removing the unused
  "group" cruft from those names.
- this change is backwards compatible:  glue hasn't put this stuff into
  documents for a decade, nothing expects it to be there, and it's used for
  exactly nothing.
- refs #5513
Original: e4a3ddc6228788f3601affbb0b35b86088ed31ab
parent 6664538f
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