Commit 739dcba0 authored by Kipp Cannon's avatar Kipp Cannon
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lalapps/src/inspiral: remove lalapps_trigbank

- this program is abandonware from the defunct ihope pipeline.  it was used to construct a hierarchical pipeline in which a first pass to produce triggers and coincidences was followed by a second pass, this time with \chi^2 calculations enabled and using only templates that were known to have produced coincidences the first time around
- the program is now broken:  modern template banks encode each template's merger reference time in the end-time columns, and this program fails to reconstruct this information.
- why not fix it?  because this operation of constructing a template bank from a collection of triggers has no place in modern pipelines, which operate with so low an SNR threshold that all templates always produce triggers, which require uniformly sampled template banks for noise model construction, and in which \chi^2 calculations have been moved in-line as part of the trigger production and are no longer a significant additional cost.
- why not leave it?  that's how you get pylal.  this program is 100% obsolete LALStatus based code, and as such is impeding clean-ups elsewhere in lalsuite.
parent 4d65a756
......@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ MINJSRC = minj.c
BBHINJSRC = bbhinj.c
BLINDINJSRC = blindinj.c
SPLITBANKSRC = splitbank.c
TRIGBANKSRC = trigbank.c
TRIGSCANSRC = trigscan.c
INSPFRINJSRC = inspfrinj.c
GWF2XMLSRC = gwf2xml.c
......@@ -38,7 +37,6 @@ LALMETAIO_PROGS = \
lalapps_blindinj \
lalapps_inspfrinj \
lalapps_gwf2xml \
lalapps_trigbank \
lalapps_trigscan \
lalapps_spininj \
lalapps_randombank \
......@@ -55,7 +53,6 @@ lalapps_minj_SOURCES = $(MINJSRC)
lalapps_bbhinj_SOURCES = $(BBHINJSRC)
lalapps_blindinj_SOURCES = $(BLINDINJSRC)
lalapps_splitbank_SOURCES = $(SPLITBANKSRC)
lalapps_trigbank_SOURCES = $(TRIGBANKSRC)
lalapps_trigscan_SOURCES = $(TRIGSCANSRC)
lalapps_spininj_SOURCES = $(SPININJSRC)
lalapps_inspfrinj_SOURCES = $(INSPFRINJSRC)
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