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Commit 78a1d758 authored by Karl Wette's avatar Karl Wette

Update mailmap and author lists

Original: c31bce07b892efeab430bfe1ce2bf2c758107776
parent 7a68bb8b
A. G. Wiseman <agw>
Abhirup Ghosh <>
Adam Mercer <> <ram>
Ajith Parameswaran <> <ajith>
Alexander Dietz <> <dietz>
Alicia Sintes <> <sintes>
Anand S. Sengupta <sengupta>
Andres C. Rodriguez <andy>
Antony Searle <> <acsearle>
Anuradha Gupta <>
Archisman Ghosh <>
Archisman Ghosh <>
B. S. Sathyaprakash <> <sathya>
Badri Krishnan <> <badkri>
Badri Krishnan <> <badri>
Ben Farr <>
Ben Johnson <bjohnson>
Benjamin Owen <> <owen>
Berit Behnke <> <bbehnke>
Bernd Machenschalk <> <bema>
Brian Moe <> <bmoe>
Britta Daudert <bdaudert>
Bruce Allen <> <ballen>
Carl-johan Haster <>
Chad Hanna <> <channa>
Chris Messenger <> <cm>
Chris Messenger <>
Chris Van Den Broeck <> <vdbroeck>
Christian Roever <> <christian>
Christine Chung <> <cchung>
Christopher M. Biwer <>
Colin Gill <> <collingill>
Collin Capano <> <cdcapano>
Craig Robinson <> <spxcar>
Cristina Valeria Torres <> <cristina>
Curt Cutler <> <cutler>
D. I. Jones <jones>
Damir Buskulic <> <buskulic>
Darren Woods <darren>
David Chin <> <dwchin>
David Churches <dchurches>
David Hammer <hammerd>
David McKechan <> <mckechan>
Denny Mackin <dsmackin>
Devanka Pathak <devanka>
Diego Fazi <> <dfazi>
Drew Keppel <> <dkeppel>
Duncan Brown <> <duncan>
Edward Daw <> <edaw>
Eirini Messaritaki <emessarit>
Eliu Huerta <>
Evan Goetz <> <evang>
Evan Ochsner <> <evano>
Frederique Marion <> <marionf>
Gareth Jones <gareth>
Gregory Mendell <> <gmendell>
Heather Fong <>
Holger Pletsch <> <hpletsch>
I. Yakushin <igor>
Ian Harry <> <spxiwh>
Ik Siong Heng <> <heng>
Iraj Gholami <gholami>
Isabel Leonor <leonor>
Jacob Slutsky <jslutsky>
Janna Goldstein <>
Jessica Clayton <> <jclayton>
John T. Whelan <> <whelan>
John Veitch <> <jveitch>
Jolien Creighton <> <jolien>
Jordi Burguet-Castell <> <jordi>
Joseph Betzwieser <> <josephb>
Julien Sylvestre <julien>
Junyi Zhang <> <jyzhang>
Kaice T. Reilly <kaice>
Karl Wette <> <kwwette>
Kipp Cannon <> <kipp>
Larne Pekowsky <> <lppekows>
Larry Price <> <larry>
Lisa Goggin <> <lgoggin>
Llucia Sancho de la Jordana <llucia>
Lucia Santamaria <lucia>
Maria Alessandra Papa <> <papa>
Mark Stephen Williamsen <msw>
Matt Tibbits <tibbits>
Matthew Pitkin <> <mpitkin>
Michele Vallisneri <> <vallis>
Miquel Oliver <>
Nickolas Fotopoulos <> <nvf>
Ofek Birnholtz <>
Patrick Brady <> <patrick>
Peter Shawhan <> <pshawhan>
Philip Charlton <> <charlton>
Ping Wei <> <piwei>
Pinkesh Patel <> <ppatel>
Qi Chu <>
Rahul Biswas <> <rahul>
Reinhard Prix <> <reinhard>
Reinhard Prix <repr@atlas5.atlas.local>
Rejean Dupuis <> <rejean>
Romain Gouaty <> <romain>
Ruslan Vaulin <> <vaulin>
Ruslan Vaulin <>
Saikat Ray-Majumder <saikat>
Sarah Caudill <> <scaudill>
Scott Koranda <> <skoranda>
Sean Seader <sseader>
Sebastian Khan <sebastian.khan@atlas2.atlas.local>
Sebastian Khan <>
Shin Kee Chung <> <shinkee>
Stanislav Babak <> <babak>
Stanislav Babak <>
Steffen Grunewald <> <steffeng>
Stephen Fairhurst <> <sfairhur>
Stephen Privitera <>
Steve Berukoff <sberukoff>
Sukanta Bose <> <bose>
Tania Regimbau <> <tania>
Teviet Creighton <> <teviet>
Thomas Cokelaer <> <thomas>
Thomas Essinger-Hileman <essinger>
Tomoki Isogai <> <isogait>
Unknown user 'ajw' <ajw>
Unknown user 'akbar' <akbar>
Unknown user 'btucker' <btucker>
Unknown user 'charlie' <charlie>
Unknown user 'gbb' <gbb>
Unknown user 'gravity-waves' <>
Unknown user 'laltest' <laltest>
Virginia Re <> <virginia>
Vladimir Dergachev <> <volodya>
Warren Anderson <> <warren>
Xavier Siemens <> <siemens>
Xavier Siemens <> <xavier>
Y. Itoh <yousuke>
Yan Wang <>
Reinhard Prix <> reinhard <reinhard>
Yi Pan <> <ypan>
Zach Etienne <>
......@@ -77,6 +77,7 @@ Jordi Burguet-Castell
Jose Fonseca
Joseph Betzwieser
Josh Willis
Junyi Zhang
Kari Hodge
Karl Wette
Karsten Wiesner
......@@ -139,6 +140,7 @@ Thomas Essinger-Hileman
Tito Dal Canton
Tyson Littenberg
Valeriu Predoi
Virginia Re
Vivien Raymond
Vladimir Dergachev
Will Meierjurgen Farr
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