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Commit 7a0966f1 authored by Vivien Raymond's avatar Vivien Raymond

Merge branch 'choose_best_roq_bin' into 'master' pick the best roq bin when multiple bins are available

See merge request !854
parents f390ae99 855e91ca
Pipeline #69186 passed with stages
in 75 minutes and 58 seconds
......@@ -344,13 +344,24 @@ def setup_roq(cp):
for mc_prior in mc_priors:
mc_priors[mc_prior] = array(mc_priors[mc_prior])
# find mass bin containing the trigger
trigger_bin = None
for roq in roq_paths:
if mc_priors[roq][0]*roq_mass_freq_scale_factor <= trigger_mchirp <= mc_priors[roq][1]*roq_mass_freq_scale_factor:
trigger_bin = roq
print('Prior in Mchirp will be ['+str(mc_priors[roq][0]*roq_mass_freq_scale_factor)+','+str(mc_priors[roq][1]*roq_mass_freq_scale_factor)+'] to contain the trigger Mchirp '+str(trigger_mchirp))
roq_paths = [trigger_bin]
candidate_roq_paths = \
[roq for roq in roq_paths
if mc_priors[roq][0]*roq_mass_freq_scale_factor
<= trigger_mchirp <= mc_priors[roq][1]*roq_mass_freq_scale_factor]
if candidate_roq_paths:
margins = np.array(
for roq in candidate_roq_paths])
best_path = candidate_roq_paths[np.argmax(margins)]
roq_paths = [best_path]
print('Prior in Mchirp will be [{}, {}] to contain the trigger Mchirp {}.'.format(
print("No roq mass bins containing the trigger")
for mc_prior in mc_priors:
mc_priors[mc_prior] = array(mc_priors[mc_prior])*roq_mass_freq_scale_factor
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