Commit 90892c1a authored by Carl-Johan Haster's avatar Carl-Johan Haster
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Merge branch 'roq_dir_name' into 'master' do not assume the roq directory name is seglen

See merge request !857
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......@@ -657,12 +657,8 @@ def get_roq_component_mass_priors(path, roq_paths, roq_params, key, coinc_xml_ob
return m1_priors, m2_priors, trigger_mchirp
def get_roq_mass_freq_scale_factor(mc_priors, trigger_mchirp, force_flow=None):
mc_priors_keys_list = list(mc_priors.keys())
mc_priors_keys_int = [int(seglen[:-1]) for seglen in mc_priors_keys_list]
roq_min = mc_priors_keys_list[np.argmin(mc_priors_keys_int)]
roq_max = mc_priors_keys_list[np.argmax(mc_priors_keys_int)]
mc_max = mc_priors[roq_min][1]
mc_min = mc_priors[roq_max][0]
mc_min = min([prange[0] for prange in mc_priors.values()])
mc_max = max([prange[1] for prange in mc_priors.values()])
scale_factor = 1.
if force_flow == None and trigger_mchirp != None:
if trigger_mchirp >= mc_max:
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