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      Automatically update lists of LALSuite library authors · d91caaed
      Karl Wette authored
      - Each lal.../AUTHORS file is generated from the union of:
        * lal.../.AUTHORS
        * All git authors who have committed to the library since
          commit 71b22ad994e2e0e0c977ddd84e29c23bb662e7fd
      - Each lal.../.AUTHORS file contains the union of:
        * Old lal/AUTHORS for LAL, lalapps/AUTHORS for LALApps
        * All git authors who have committed to the library since
          commit ba997f2db70c17ce690e72f5c163c6debcd5f765 (the first
          commit to use git proper names instead of CVS user names)
        * All authors mentioned in source file 'Copyright (C)' bylines,
          as best could be collected using grep, sed, etc. parsing
        * Tried to use longest/most common author name when merging
      - Add git .mailmap file to correct formatting of some authors
      - Add "Author List" page to Doxygen containing author list
      - Refs #1877
      Original: 8ac5f8d18482c381c4bb1a96f7f29692e1528606
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      Doxygen: build separate documentation for each LAL library · f7eb9a04
      Karl Wette authored
      - Doxygen build system moved to per-library doxygen/ directories.
      - Minimum required Doxygen version set to (Wheezy).
      - Doxygen layout from v1.8.1.2, configuration from 1.8.5 (SL7).
      - Support local MathJax installation with --with-mathjax option.
      - Drop support for unwieldy PDF documentation.
      - Doxygenise last vestiges of LaTeX documentation in LALApps.
      - Unused documentation files moved to per-library attic/ directories.
      - Fix Doxygen warnings, and enforce Doxygen builds without warnings.
      Original: 7bffd0bf027b06a4b0cc044748a2ae3729739b77