1. 04 Oct, 2018 6 commits
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  5. 26 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      Revert "Libtoolize not-yet-installed Python scripts" · 866cc7ac
      Karl Wette authored
      - This reverts commit 2101f64e4cef7e18ce083c41405d1465a3b779a2.
      - This change is broken, as it makes the installed Python scripts
        dependent on the existence of libtool in the build directory
      Original: 0a6bd0100035fb41f19116f7e0b8bbe528dece4a
  6. 23 Sep, 2016 2 commits
    • Leo Pound Singer's avatar
      Libtoolize not-yet-installed Python scripts · 904cb494
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      So that they can be run before installing.
      Original: 2101f64e4cef7e18ce083c41405d1465a3b779a2
    • Leo Pound Singer's avatar
      Copy python scripts from source to build directory · 007f17b2
      Leo Pound Singer authored
      This is necessary to run Python programs from pybin_scripts during
      an out-of-srcdir build. We need to be able to run programs from
      pybin_scripts during the build *before* we install them in order to
      do unit tests and in order to generate manpages using help2man.
      The reason is that whenever you run a Python script, "the directory
      containing that file is added to the start of sys.path, and the file
      is executed as the __main__ module" (see
      https://docs.python.org/2/using/cmdline.html). It turns out that if
      the script is a symbolic link, then the symbolic link is *followed*
      before modifying sys.path. As a result, during an out-of-srcdir
      build, the first element of the Python path is the source directory
      that contains the script, which does *not* contain the SWIG
      Python C extension module.
      An alternative workaround would be to make sure that the sources of
      the pybin_scripts files are not in the same source directory as the
      Original: 42c80fcd911ad5206f2a085d217bd5c79acee826
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    • Karl Wette's avatar
      Make "executable Python script" a shell wrapper which calls Python source file · 4db619b5
      Karl Wette authored
      - Avoid problem with #! line length limit, since #! no longer calls wrapper
      - Avoid problems with Python documentation and __future__ imports, since
        Python source file is not modified (except by possibly adding #! line)
      - Rename $(pybin_SCRIPTS) to $(pybin_scripts), since installation of Python
        scripts is now handled manually, not by Automake
      - If installing into the same exec_prefix as Python, install the Python source
        script with a #!$(PYTHON) line; otherwise, install a modified shell wrapper
        script in $(bindir) and Python source script in $(pkglibexecdir)
      Original: 288ba9dccf52397d77483eb7699da6db62c30bb0
  11. 30 Jul, 2014 2 commits
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  13. 28 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      Minor fixes to executable Python script generation · b5981160
      Karl Wette authored
      - Always generate installed python_wrapper to ensure it's up to date
      - Install python_wrapper in $(pkglibexecdir) instead of $(pkgdatadir)
      - Use sed to filter PYTHONPATH before prepending, as per user env. scripts
      - Check that input Python source file does not already have a #! line
      - Remove @PYTHON...@ replacements from old LALApps Python scripts
      Original: f8e5691b4810d4b9a6777b71cdd356926414dcb3
  14. 25 Jul, 2014 2 commits
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      Use Python wrapper scripts instead of self-executing headers · 93c8c17b
      Karl Wette authored
      - Python wrapper sets PYTHONPATH as appropriate, then executes PYTHON
      - Wrapper is then used as a #! command, which avoids interfering with
        Python code (e.g. module-level documentation in """ strings)
      - Wrapper $(builddir)/.python_wrapper used for uninstalled scripts; when
        installed, wrapper substituted with $(pkgdatadir)/python_wrapper
      - Except if LAL package is installed into same executable prefix as Python;
        then $(PYTHON) is used directly and no wrapper is installed
      Original: f2995a5f5066289bf7409dc12711f61b5e53f946
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      Make Python an optional dependency for LALSuite packages · a99edbc0
      Karl Wette authored
      - Use LALSUITE_REQUIRE_PYTHON() to require a minimum Python version
      - Use LALSUITE_CHECK_PYTHON() to check for Python
      - Require python >= 2.6 for SWIG Python wrappings and wrapping generation
      - Python-related rules must be surrounded by HAVE_PYTHON conditionals
      Original: 6a7d85a73a7d6a3c04a0dd3a697c6256d1ff0c35
  15. 22 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Karl Wette's avatar
      Implement Jolien's self-executing header for executable Python scripts · b9f19355
      Karl Wette authored
      - Modified ".py:" rule in lalsuite_python.am to generate, from myscript.py:
        * ./myscript, which sets PYTHONPATH to uninstalled locations
        * .pybin/myscript, which sets PYTHONPATH to installed location
      - Python scripts are installed using gnuscripts/lalsuite_python_install_script,
        which installs .pybin/myscript in place of myscript
      Original: dcd692cc66cadf78a98fbf10106c60a51986d104
  16. 17 Jul, 2014 1 commit